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Heyy is an audio-based dating app by a Xiaomi-backed company


In late February 2021, Xiaomi relaunched MiTalk as a Clubhouse clone in China for both Android and iOS platforms. The app is also known as ‘Jushou’ (Hands Up) and it is marketed as a voice chat app for professionals. Almost a month later, a new report from China says that a Xiaomi-backed company has released another audio-based social app.

Back in 2015, Xiaomi acquired a company called Metso Software Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. According to my MyDrivers, the smartphone maker spun-off Metso as a legal entity before its IPO in 2018. However, Metso is still said to be owned by Xiaomi.

Coming back to the topic, Metso has released an app called Heyy on Xiaomi Mi App Store. Unlike the new MiTalk (Jushou), Heyy is an audio-based dating app.

It allows users to connect with other users via one-to-one voice chats, group chats, and games. The group chatrooms are categorized based on sports, karaoke, and games to name a few. There are several other options to socialize with users on the platform.

In simpler words, Heyy is targeted at single youngsters who are looking to meet new people via voice. On the other hand, MiTalk is for professionals to share their insights, just like Clubhouse.

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